Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Using the (PEEP) Platform

Welcome to the (PEEP) platform, which represents a link between companies, operating institutions and individuals working in the field of services within the State of Kuwait and users of the platform. The following are the terms and conditions for your use and access to the platform.
By using the Platform, you agree to accept all of the terms and conditions stipulated in this Agreement. It is a confirmation of your commitment to comply with the content of these terms and conditions of the Platform. Here are some definitions of the words used in these Terms and Conditions:
1. Platform
In these terms and conditions, it means PEEP Platform.
2. User
In these terms and conditions, it means the person who uses the platform to obtain the service.
3. Service Provider
In these terms and conditions, it means the contracting companies, individuals and subscribers to the platform to provide their services through this platform.
4. Service
In these terms, it means the services provided by companies, institutions and individuals through this platform, the value of which is specified and described by them.
1. The reservation fees shall be paid when booking the service as an advance payment for the reservation, provided that the rest of the value of the service shall be paid when appearing with the service provider to receive it.
2. When submitting a reservation request through the platform, the user shall be required to pay the reservation advance payment through his credit card or Knet, which he acknowledges to be his property and that his use of it is legitimate.
3. You, as a user, shall be responsible for maintaining the use of the (PEEP) platform seriously and reliably. You are obligated to compensate the platform for any losses that may be incurred as a result of any illegal or unreal use.
4. The platform shall have the full right to stop or cancel the operations that you have carried out, while retaining its right to refer you to compensation for any damages you may have caused or the presence of fake requests or the use of forged bank cards.
The user acknowledges his acceptance of the rules for canceling service requests as follows
1. In the event that the user does not appear on the specified date through the platform, the advance payment paid shall become a pure right of the platform as a reservation advance payment for the service.
2. If the user requests to cancel the service via the platform only one hour before the time of providing the service - the amount paid by him shall be transferred to his own wallet in the platform and used upon request in accordance with the rules regulating thereof.
Fees and Expenses
When using the (PEEP) platform, there shall be no fees for the user other than those related to paying the value of reservation to obtain the service.
Responsibility for Content
1. A large part of the content provided on the (PEEP) platform is related to the services (content of the service provider's page). This content belongs to service providers. Each service provider is responsible for its page and its display, whether in terms of quality or value.
2. The user acknowledges that the actual relationship is between him and the service provider and that the platform is not responsible for any disputes that occur between the two parties, whether in terms of the quality of services or the way of dealing between the two parties. However, the user shall have the right to submit his complaint to the competent authorities in the event of any violation by the service provider.
Unauthorized / Erroneous Transactions
If you as a user believe that there is an error or an unauthorized transaction on your account, please inform us along with the details of the purchase that has been made and it will be investigated. We will reply to you as soon as possible. You also have right to object to platform-related transactions that are charged to your credit or debit card (such as MasterCard, Visa or Knet) with your bank. If you have such a transaction, you must contact the bank for more information.
Intellectual Property
All intellectual property rights shall be owned by the platform (PEEP). No one shall have the right to infringe on them, otherwise he will expose himself to legal accountability.
We, (PEEP) platform, shall not be entitled to use or disclose the user's personal information to any other parties, unless the use or disclosure is required by law. It may be agreed otherwise in writing between us and the user, or as required by law.
We may change these terms
The (PEEP) platform shall have the right to change all or some of its terms of use by posting an updated version on the platform. Your continued use of the platform following any change shall indicate your acceptance of the change. If the change has a detrimental effect on you but is required by law, or is necessary for technical or security reasons, we will give you an advance notice.
Dispute Settlement Mechanism
In the event of a dispute between the user and the service provider, the platform shall strive to resolve the matter amicably and seek to bring the views closer between the two parties.
If the friendly efforts between the two parties fail, the platform shall seek to prepare an objective and impartial report indicating the incident of dispute and the breaching party, in preparation for submitting it to the competent authorities upon request for that without any legal responsibility on the platform.
Customer Protection
The ((PEEP)) platform is committed to protecting the customer database and the basic rights and freedoms of users according to Law No. (37) of 2014 regarding the Communications and Information Technology Commission and its executive regulations.